Spirit West

A World Overview

By Philip Dream-Speaker

Native American Storyteller (Historian)

I do not believe that any historian can fail to respect the skills and tenacity of Erin Tarn. I have been a follower of her writings for many years, but I am certain she will be the first to tell you that she is only human. That while she has seen and heard much, there are too many things in this world for any one person to see in a lifetime. I have seen things that the respected Ms. Tam has not, and it is with respect to her that I set them down in these writings. I much prefer to tell my stories directly, so that questions may be asked and points clarified, but I too am only human, and there are too many people for me to speak to each of them directly. So, in the tradition of Erin Tarn, I shall commit my words, experiences and thoughts to writing. I am getting very old and begining to feel my age. Even the small task of writing tires me quickly these days, so this work may end abruptly. Still, whatever I can write should be of some service to those who read it.
I can not say whether I have traveled nearly as much as Lady Tarn, but I have travelled and experienced much. I witnessed the return of my people when I was 30 summers old. I have seen the lush scenery in the home of my gods and been held captive in the dark pits of a Xiticix hive; one of my legs did not return with me from that adventure. A number of my adventures have been failed attempts to meet and speak with the elusive and legendary Erin Tarn, although I have met and have had many a wonderful discussion with Plato of Lazlo and other great scholars, magicians, and philosophers. I have heard hopeful rumors that Erin Tarn has been in contact with the famous Victor Lazlo and I hope that she or Plato will pass my theories about magic and the spirits on to him. I would hate to have my fears validated, but if it is to be, at least we will be prepared for the coming troubles as magic again vanishes from our land.

The Return of the Ancients

The Deadly Cycle

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Spirit West

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