The Coalition States and the New West

The Coalition States & the New West. The West is a wilderness — some would say, a wasteland — of shifting dimensions, roaming monsters, D-bees, magic, mysticism, Indians, spirits and expansive, open, hostile land. Although the Coalition States continues to send Expeditionary Forces, Reconnaissance teams, Vendetta squads, Skelebot destroyers, and spies into the Western Wilderness, they consider the western half of the Old American Empire (and much of the Canadian Empire in the North) to be a hostile and forbidding territory not fit for human habitation. Thus, the Coalition’s present plans for continental expansion and conquest ends along the borders of Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma. In truth, the CS has limited resources and couldn’t possibly conquer and maintain control over such a vast region. Even their current plans are ambitious and will take generations to accomplish. The CS intends to conquer and dominate the Midwest and then turn their efforts to the eastern portions of what was once the old American Empire and north to the Provinces of Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in the old Canadian Empire. This has led many D-bees, mutants, refugees, freethinkers, scholars, mercenaries, outlaws and anarchists to regard the great wilderness of Western America and southwestern Canada as a potential haven, homeland, hideout, or base of operation. However, only 41% of all settlers manage to survive more than a year or two in this harsh and hostile environment. The remaining 59% either perish or return to from whence they came.

That having been said, the CS does have a sinister and shadowy presence in the New West. Spies, informers and Vendetta Squads can be found operating in many of the towns, fledgling kingdoms, and among gangs of smugglers and bandits. Expeditionary Forces (CS scientists and explorers) and reconnaissance teams, usually numbering 8-20 troops, can be encountered in the wilderness, and are often hostile. Skelebots, Kill Hounds, Kill Cats and other mutants, agents and “death squads” are sent into the Western Territory on missions of murder and destruction (can range from one or two individuals to squads of 6-12). Often these forces have but one goal, to kill or hurt the enemy — which is virtually all nonhumans, practitioners of magic, supernatural beings and people who have rejected life in the Coalition States. Furthermore, the CS often hires Psi-Stalkers, mercenaries, bounty hunters, spies and assassins to hunt down wanted criminals, runaway mutants, and refugees to be destroyed or brought back to the CS for trial and punishment.

Comparatively large military operations (CS platoon to a company of troops) are reserved for surgical strikes against mercenaries, bandits, smugglers, adventurers, rogue scholars, scientists, and Black Market bases, strongholds and troops that fuel illegal activities in the Coalition States, or have, or are feared of having, an impact or influence on CS citizens. Likewise, military bases (Juicers, Cyber-Knights, Black Market, etc.) that the CS considers to be a threat, will be attacked and destroyed (sometimes with the troops disguised as something other than the CS). CS authorities are often satisfied with disrupting enemy operations, the capture of contraband, and sending the rabble-rousers scattering than total decimation.

Note: The emptiness, lawlessness and violence of the west has changed little in the past 200 years, and in many ways, harkens back to the Dark Ages that followed the Great Catacylsm.

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The Coalition States and the New West

Powell Tannalas