The New West

The New West

An Overview of life in the American Wilderness

The New West” commonly refers to the vast wilderness that lies beyond the western borders of the Coalition States. It covers a very large part of what used to be the Old American Empire. Just as the settlers of the past once did, the people who live in the western wilderness are pioneers, outcasts, refugees and desperadoes trying to eke out a life in this harsh and dangerous part of the country. The New West roughly consists of the following states of the old American Empire: Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, and what’s left of California. Oregon and Washington are usually also included, although some give them the separate distinction of The Northwest. Texas is the disputed Coalition State of Lone Star.

Sections of the Western territories are occupied or claimed by human and D-bee kingdoms, tribes, clans, settlers, ranchers, and gangs, but it is largely a vast disputed wilderness with a variety of terrains, from forests and mountains to prairies and deserts. Throughout the entire territory, there is an incredibly broad range and mix of technologies, some common to all, others claimed by specific human and/or D-bee communities or organizations. Despite this, most of the New West is cut off from the rest of the country. Long-range radio is constantly broken up by frequent ley line storms, dimensional anomalies, or natural weather occurrences. For this reason the people in this region know little about the rest of the country, fear the Coalition States, and have developed hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny, independent and often unique communities and societies (mostly small clans, tribes and gangs).

The Prevailing Technology

Education in the New West


The culture and mindset of people in the New West

Towns of the New West

The Law

Frontier Justice

Bandits and Outlaws

The Average Citizen

The major threats to the people of the New West

Ghost Towns

Native Americans

The Cyber-Knights

Reid’s Rangers

The Coalition States and the New West


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The New West

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