Wyoming is a place of extremes. Sagebrush steppes, prairie grasslands, scrub and tall hills in its center and southeast; mountains and canyons, plus hot springs and more prairies, in the southwest corner; mountains, canyons, rivers and forested wilderness of evergreen trees and alpine scrub in the northwest (Yellowstone National Park); scattered patches of flat grasslands broken by hills, peaks and deciduous forests in the southern half and northeast; the Continental Divide slashes diagonally cross the territory.

A small population of Cheyenne and Sioux live in this territory, as well as pockets of people, but one can travel hundreds of miles without encountering a soul. There is a strong presence of Cyber-Knights in this territory and the occasional Justice Ranger. Up in the Big Horn Mountains is the ancient Indian Medicine Wheel which sits at the center of three ley lines. It is said to be a gateway to a world of demons. The Shoshone insist the Wheel marks the home of “little people” who live in caverns beneath it and feed on wild sheep.

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Powell Tannalas